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Blade Sharpening

$8.00- Large Animal Blades

Shear Sharpening

Plain Grind, C-I, C-II: $12.00
Hollow Ground Hone & Set- $22.00

Clipper Repairs

Andis Master or Detachable- $17.00
Oster 76/A5 Reconditioning- $20.00
All Other Clippers or Trimmers- $12.00-$15.00
We also service Wahl and Laube Clippers

How To Request Sharpening: Simply drop off all sharpening or repairs and we will call when they are ready. You can also send in your sharpening or repairs. Please be sure to include a business card or some form of contact information as well as what is included. 

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Sharpening & Repairs: Services
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