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LaVille Service and Supply and Ed Vogel Company is owned and operated by Steve and Michelle Potoczky. LaVille Barber Supply is in the third generation of barber suppliers in the Potoczky family. Steve's grandfather, Andrew Potoczky retired from South Bend Barber Supply at the age of 92.

Joseph Potoczky sold LaVille Barber Supply to his sons in 1993. Joe began business back in the 1960’s out of South Bend, IN. The barber and beauty world lost a special person when Joe passed away in 2004 at the age of 83. He is and always will be greatly missed. The Ed Vogel Company was purchased by LaVille in 1994 and specializes in shear sharpening and blade grinding of all types, as well as, animal grooming aids and supplies for the professional animal groomer. We also specialize in clipper and dryer repairs. 

Steve Potoczky, owner, oversees inventory, ordering and sales. 

Lyndon Yoder oversees the repair and sharpening area and has been with the company for 19 years.

Mitch Lewandowski has 23 years on the road as a sales rep for LaVille. 

Rob Lystarzyk has been with LaVille for 20 years as a sales rep. 

Larry Williams has been with LaVille for 2 years as a sales rep. 

Michelle Potoczky is the office manager, shipper, and accounts payable. 

Phyllis has been an office clerk for 20 years and her focus is customer service and account receivables. 

Bri Letsinger has been in charge of online sales and shipping for 4 years. 

Kori Hudnall has been in charge of catalog and website development and maintenance for 10 years. 

Anne Potoczky has been shipping and receiving for 1 year. 

We appreciate our customers for their business and loyalty!

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